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Comm’ant X release notes


Date: january 2023


New features
1 Documents: Restrict downloads
With this release, it is possible to make certain documents uploaded in the system downloadable only by users linked to the document via a role. Any user will then still see that the document exists, but will not be able to download it without further action. A message appears if the user does not have sufficient rights.You can read how to do this in a knowledge article on our help area:


Improvements and bug fixes: for all users
1 Performance improvements
In numerous areas, the application’s response has been improved, such as when searching and retrieving complex process views.
2 Link to other project
On occasion, links from one Comm’ant project to another no longer worked. This has been adjusted and resolved.
3 Unwanted language change (multilingual)
When the user encountered an error message (because an object no longer exists, for example), he/she was always switched to the core language, even if another language was active. This has been adjusted and resolved.
4  Several minor bug fixes and improvements


Improvements and bug fixes: for developers
1 Deleting, reordering information flows in process diagram
In some cases, deleting information flows and activities, or adjusting the order did not work properly. This has been adjusted and resolved.
2 Groups with the same name
It was possible to create groups with the same name within an object type. That has been adjusted now excluded.
3 Tool: find & replace
Occasionally, the Find & Replace tool did not process all replacements correctly. This has been adjusted and fixed. 
4 Removing Document links from Processes
In some cases, it was not possible to unlink a Document linked to a Process. This has been adjusted and fixed.


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