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Comm’ant X release notes


Date: march 2023


Improvements and bug fixes: for all users
1 Multi-language improvements
A number of improvements have been made to the Multi-language module. In several places, text labels were not displayed correctly.
2 Inbound links did not always function
On occasion, links from outside the management system to the management system were not working correctly. This has been adjusted and resolved.



Improvements and bug fixes: for developers
1 Deleting, sequence adjusting activities in process diagram
In some cases, adding, deleting information flows and activities, or adjusting the order did not work properly. This has been adjusted and resolved.
2 French language available
As of this version, it is also possible to make Comm’ant available in French.
3 Autoconnect when creating objects from a diagram
In occurring situations when creating new objects from a (main) process diagram, the function of developer in question was not automatically linked to the role of the new object (where this was configured). This has been adjusted and solved..


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