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Comm’ant X release notes


Date: may 2024

With this release, the following issues have been addressed.

Improvements and bug fixes
1 Email settings
Setting default recipients when sending messages from the management system did not always produce the desired results. This has been adjusted and resolved.
2 Synchronising users in groups of Comm’ant Forms
When synchronising users with a specific function, linked to a group in Comm’ant Forms, it did add users to relevant group, but did not remove them, if the function changed. This has been adjusted and resolved.
3 Object list pages performance
Requesting an object list page with a lot of objects (e.g. documents), caused a delayed response. This has been adjusted and resolved.
4 Drawing: adjusting canvas size
When adjusting the canvas size when translating a drawing, the new size was not saved. This has been adjusted and resolved.
5 Generating PDF with drawing
Generating a PDF of a (main) process with a drawing in the description resulted in a distorted image. This has been adjusted and resolved.
6 Adding activity to process
When adding an existing activity to and process (via ‘Link selection’), the activity was not put in the correct position in some cases. This has been adjusted and resolved.
7 Deleted objects
In appropriate cases, it was possible to still be able to access a previously deleted object. Also, the additional columns of a process diagram were erroneously showing objects previously deleted. This has been adjusted and resolved.
8 Export/import tool
In common cases, objects to be imported, with a similar name but a different ID were not properly reported. This has been adjusted and resolved.
9 Login screen
A number of textual clarifications have been applied to the login screen (if SSO is not activated).
10 Properties window
In development mode, the properties window has disappeared: it contained no information.


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