beschrijving Tools

With the Tools of Comm’ant you can perform several mutations on several (groups of) objects at the same time.

The availability of several tools depends on the user’s rights profile.

Not connected (tool)

The 'Not connected’ tool provides insight into the extent to which specific objects are actually linked to other objects...
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Not validated (tool)

The tool 'Not validated' gives, on the one hand, insight into the objects that have the status 'Not validated'. On the other hand, you have the option to immediately change the status of one or more objects to 'Validated'...
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Relation table (tool)

The 'Relation Table' tool shows in one overview the relationship between a (group of) objects with other objects in Comm’ant...
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Search and replace (tool)

With this tool, you can - as an administrator - easily search and replace automated text (words and exact text fragments) throughout the Comm’ant management system...
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Valid until… (tool)

The tool ‘Valid until…’ provides insight into the validity of objects on the one hand. On the other hand, it gives you the option to immediately change the validity of one or more objects to a time that is convenient for you...
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