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Tip: How do I keep track of where I left off?

As a process developer, you might encounter the fact – especially if you’re in the process of setting up a new system – that you can’t remember exactly where you left off earlier.

We give you 3 tips:

1.    Use “validated/not validated”.

If you are still in the process of specifying an object, you can keep the status of the object on not validated: make sure that for the object “Validated” is not checked.

Objects that are not validated stand out because they are colored red in the navigation menu and have a half red bar in process diagrams. Moreover, they can be easily retrieved with the “Not Validated” tool.

The disadvantage of this method is that it does not distinguish who is still working on the object. This method is inconvenient when several people are working on the same things at the same time.

2.    Add @@ with your initials in the comment field

By (temporarily) earmarking objects with two unique characters (@@) and your initials, you can always quickly see what you were working on. Using the search function above the navigation menu, you can find your objects very quickly.

For example, @@CS has to complete this Process.

You might also consider adding these attributes to the title of the object. Then it will stand out even more.

For example “Primary process (@@CS)”

3.    Combine tip 1 and tip 2

The advantage of “Validated/not validated” is, especially with an already active management system, that it is clear to any user that something is still going on with the object. And at the same time, you have earmarked the objects for yourself.

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