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Comm’ant X release notes


Date: oktober 2022

 New developments


1 Multilingualism with DEEPL® automatic translations.

With the release of this version, it is possible to offer your management system to users in multiple languages. A separate manual is available for using this optional module.
For more information on using this module, contact:

2 Creating and modifying objects: always save

With the release of this release, the mechanism related to creating new objects and modifying existing objects has been changed.
Thus, when creating a new process or main process, you can make connections to other objects directly via the link boxes even before you have saved the new object.
Important! If you change an object, just by creating a connection via the link boxes, you must always save the object. In previous versions, creating or deleting a connection via the association boxes was immediately effective, even without saving.



 Enhancements and bug fixes: Comm’ant X Process


1 Deletion of a drawing

In some cases it was not possible to delete a Drawing. This has been adjusted and resolved.

2 Hidden role still visible

In some cases, roles were displayed in the process diagram that should not be visible to a normal user. This has been adjusted and resolved.

3 Redundant columns in relationship table

In some cases, columns were displayed in relationship tables that never had content because no links between the corresponding object types were possible. This has been adjusted and resolved. 

4 Delete images in Drawings

It was not possible to delete previously uploaded images at Drawings. This has been adjusted and resolved.

5 Sorting of Documents under Systems illogical

If an object has Systems associated with documents linked to it, the sorting of the documents was illogical. The sorting has been changed to alphabetical.

6 Connections to Risks and Controls incomplete

When inspecting the connections at a Risk & Management Measures type object, they were not found to be complete in all cases. This has been adjusted and resolved.

7 Document link

For an object of type Document, the Link field allows you to include a reference to an external location. This URL was always displayed in its entirety but is now replaced by a link under the name of the object.

8 Search and replace tool and special characters

On occasion, when searching for a text fragment with special characters (such as & and %), the correct result was not found. This has been adjusted and resolved.

9 Business units field label hidden

For objects of the Business Units type, the field label of the Description field is now hidden by default.

10 Double-clicking on Document with no content

Double-clicking a linked object of type Document where no document or reference had been created resulted in an unclear error message. This has been modified and resolved.

11 References with special characters

On occasion, clicking on a reference (Document/Link) with a special character in the name resulted in an error message. This ia adjusted and solved.


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