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Release notes Comm’ant X v10.0.45

(october 2021)

New developments
1 Update mechanismThe complete update mechanism of Comm’ant X has been revised. For the user, this has no visible consequences, except that when rolling out a new version, in some situations, users were still faced with cached styling. This has been adjusted and resolved.
2 Synchronization with AD and Azure AD

The synchronization process with the various Microsoft user sources has been improved. For example, multiple Security groups in a single project can now be synchronized, guest users from outside the organization in Azure AD groups (via Selfservice Group Management) are also implemented, and disabled Windows accounts are no longer synchronized. Read more here…

3 Customize display of process diagram

The possibilities to define the number of columns in the display of a process diagram have been improved. Columns can be added and deleted, layouts saved. Furthermore, the Application Manager has the possibility to set a specific layout as “standard” for the entire organization. Read more about how e.e. works here.


All documentation surrounding the use of the Comm’ant management system is now available online. Go to or click on the question mark in the upper right corner of the Comm’ant system:

The information is available in both Dutch and English and will be continuously improved and extended.

5 Language change per user

As a user you now have the option to display the Comm’ant interface in another language.

Through your own profile page (double click on your own name in the application bar) you can specify a preferred language:

You need to log off and log in again to actually see the changes.


 Enhancements and bugfixes: Comm’ant X Process
1 Function/role matrix with a lot of columns
The report Function/Rolls matrix was difficult to inspect with many function columns because the column headings remained during horizontal scrolling. This has been adjusted and solved.
2 Dynamic links not visible in detail window
In occurring cases, dynamic links, included in the descriptive text of an object, were not displayed in the detail window. This has been adjusted and solved.
3 Comments field under Business units not visible
In some cases, the Comments field in Business Units was not displayed. This has been adjusted and solved.
4 Export Relationship Table Filtering

When exporting the Relationship Table report, any filter set on group was ignored. This has been adjusted and solved.

5 Deleted Employee reported twice in Deleted Employees report

After deleting an Employee, it was reported 2x in the Deleted Employees report. This has been adjusted and solved.

6 Copy URL with reports

Occasionally, the Copy URL tool on a selected report or tool would not work correctly. This has been adjusted and solved.

7 Focus on name field of object

When creating a new object, the focus (blinking cursor) is now immediately placed in the name field of the object.

8 Search and replace tool

In some cases when searching for a text in only the “link” field the possible result was not reported. This is adjusted and solved.

9 Error handling improved

In some cases, the operation of the system was disturbed when, for example, an object was requested that no longer exists. This is adjusted and solved.

10 Listing Connections disrupted

In some situations, requesting Connections from objects, interfered with the operation of the system (as, for example, with the group Not Classified). This is adjusted and solved.

11 Creating a new Group

In some cases the creation of a new Group did not give the desired result. The corresponding Object Type was not registered correctly. This is adjusted and solved.

12 Strange characters when exporting to PDF

Exporting to PDF an object with special characters in the name, gave undesired results in the footer of the PDF document. This is adjusted and solved.

13 Valid-to-date not consistent

When creating an Information Flow via the Main Process Diagram, the default “Valid Until” date was not set correctly. This is adjusted and solved.

14 Retrieve Reports / Resources with Forms

The ability to select the Reports and Resources tabs from Comm’ant Forms has been disabled. After all, there was no result available.

15 Create e-mail message

When composing an E-mail message from the management system, selecting an addressee from the list of Employees did not give the desired result in some cases. This has been adjusted and solved.

16 Deleted Users in combination with SSO

Users that disappear from the management system as a result of synchronization with on-prem AD or Azure AD were not displayed in the Deleted Users report. This has been adjusted and solved.

17 Deleted Objects

In the Deleted Objects report, Drawings were not displayed. This has been adjusted and solved.

18 Detail pane incomplete

In occurring cases, the Detail pane did not display all object specifications correctly. Also, roles that should be hidden were displayed anyway. This has been adjusted and solved.

19 New Information flow via Process Diagram

When creating a new Information Flow to an Activity in a Process, the position of the new object was sometimes somewhat illogical. This has been adjusted and solved. A new Input or Output always comes at the bottom, after which the user can still manipulate the position.



Additional patch Comm’ant X Process, version 10.0.45 build 0014
Bugfixes (january 2021)

1 The chosen Process Layout was not remembered
If the user had chosen a specific process layout, this choice was not remembered when the user switched processes, or when the user with development rights switched between development and viewing mode. This has now been fixed.
2 Tooltips do not disappear
In occurring cases, tooltips always stayed on the screen. This has now been fixed.
3 Connect boxes cannot be enlarged/reduced
In occurring cases, the user could no longer open or close the connect boxes. This has now been fixed.
4 Miscellaneous
Minor layout changes.


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