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Report: Viewed Objects

This overview provides, per Object type, information about the number of times an Object has been consulted, over a self-defined period. By default a period of 1 month is set: the past month. You can set the period yourself: by choosing a predefined number of months, or by entering a specific start and end date. Click ‘Apply’ to refresh the results.

The overview has – per Object type – the following columns:

  • Object name, the specific Object in your system.
  • # views, the number of times the specific Object has been consulted.


By default, this overview is sorted by the # views column, but by clicking on a column title, you can change the sorting.


Several columns also allow you to set filters (click on the funnel symbol ). This allows you to quickly search for a specific Object.


You can easily export every overview to Excel via the button

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