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Report: Actor without Employee

The “Actor without Employee” report shows, at a glance, which Organization functions have no User associated with them.

Available for:

  • All Organization functions
  • Groups of Organization functions

The columns show all Organizational functions in Comm’ant to which no Employee/User is linked.

When Comm’ant is optimally configured this overview should show little or no results. After all, it should be clear to whom a user of Comm’ant can turn for more information about objects linked to an Organization function (think especially of input and output).

Of course, it is possible that there are one or more vacancies.

This overview has no further settings.

Additional options

  • You can consult the details of each Organization function shown by clicking once on the name of the object.
  • Clicking twice on the name of an object will exit the overview and the object will be displayed on the Main screen.
  • Via the Export button, you can export the overview to Excel for further analysis.

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