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Report: Document owner

The “Document owner” report provides instant visibility of all associated roles to one document and the functions and persons associated with them.

Available for:

  • All Documents/Links
  • A group of Documents/Links

If you access the overview from the Documents/Links menu item in the Navigation menu, it generates an overview of all Documents in the system, divided into underlying groups:

  • The first column contains the name of the document.
  • In the second column, you will find the Information flow to which the document may be linked.
  • Each subsequent column shows a possible link of a function to the defined roles for documents.

Additional options

  • You have the option to also display hidden roles via the Filter: “Show hidden roles?”.
  • You can access the details of each linked object by clicking once on the name of the object (e.g. Information flow).
  • Clicking twice on the name of an object will exit the overview and the object will be displayed on the Main screen.
  • Via the Export button, you can export the overview to Excel for further analysis.

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