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Connect boxes

You will find that you can easily connect objects to other objects in Comm’ant. This is usually done via the blue connect boxes at the bottom of the Main screen. In an example:

In Develop mode, you will see a + symbol appear in the blue bars and a disconnect symbol for already connected objects.


The way of connecting is the same everywhere and it goes like this:

To connect a new object, click on the + symbol in the blue bar of the relevant object type.

A popup screen will open with several options:

  • To connect a single object, you can search with a keyword or filter by a group on the left.
  • Next, click on the name of the object of your choice on the right, the connection is immediately established and the window closes.
  • To simultaneously connect several objects of the same type, tick the desired objects on the right-hand side and click on ‘Connect selection’.

The popup window closes and all selected objects are now connected.


You can easily break an existing connection by clicking the disconnect symbol.

The connection is immediately broken. The previously connected object has not disappeared from Comm’ant but is no longer connected to the object you are editing.

Connect new object

You can very quickly create a connection with an object that does not yet exist using the connect boxes. You can create the new object directly, like this:

  • In the connect box, click the + sign as desired.
  • A popup window opens that allows you to search for an existing object

  • Click New at the top right of the popup window
  • A new popup window will now open with which you can create the new object.

When you have finished creating the new object, it is directly connected.


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